SEACLY Technologies

Your Trusted IT Partner

We maximize our clients IT investments by offering managed support services, and we expand their business reach through our Hybrid & Cloud enterprise integrated solutions.


Whether you engage us to provide Managed Systems Support or to Cloud enable your enterprise, we will partner with you to understand your business, plan and develop an appropriate solution, and present you with efficient and viable options.

Managed Support

We empower you to align your IT services with your business needs and free up human and financial resources to explore new ways of doing business.

Business Systems Integration

We developed a comprehensive framework to integrate business-critical systems such as PeopleSoft, CRM and SharePoint. Our solution can be deployed on-premises or using a hybrid cloud architecture.

Cloud Enable Your Business

We can cloud enable your Line-of-Business systems by building a state-of-the-art Web APIs to securily publish your enterprise capabilities to your customers, partners and vendors. We support both Cloud and Hybrid deployment models.

Our Clients


Seacly Technologies was founded in 2010 with a focus on providing Managed Support Services to its Canadian clients. Since then we expanded to be a top class systems integration and cloud-enablement company serving our clients in North America and Europe.

Executive Team

Andre Clark


Andre is a senior IT consultant with more than twenty years of real-life software delivery experience.
Prior to founding Seacly, Andre was a founding member of which was one the largest independent retailer of online CDs and DVDs in Canada.

    Louis Yeung


    Louis is a senior software professional with more than two decades of software engineering experience.
    He manages Seacly's systems support services and aligns our service offerings with our clients ongoing support requirements and long term plans.

      Sherif Elantil


      Sherif is an established Software Architect with in-depth expertise in complex enterprise integration solutions.
      He assists Seacly clients to move their data and compute workloads onto Cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, and to establish robust hybrid IT environments.


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